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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Shenzhen Metro Line 16

Designed by

UCD/ Vantree Design/ Matter Design






Team Members:

Shenzhen Metro Line 16

Government Architecture

Jinan, China

UCD/ Vantree Design/ Matter Design

Muchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Junjie Li, Guanbao Ye, Shangzhao Yang, Xiaofeng Li, Xingchen Song, Dongming Shen, Dejun Li, Jiajun Yin, Zhuohui Hu, Qinshuang Yang, Damian Chan, Liutao, Songjun Chen, Jinge Li, Weijun Su

Photo Credits:

Disheng Mao, 2022


UCD/ Vantree Design, 2022

Shenzhen Metro Line 16, with a total length of 29.2 kilometers, is the first reconstructed intangible cultural heritage line deeply rooted in local culture. It will absorb local nutrients, undertake the stability of ‘sunshine +’, and build the metro that understands Shenzhen's inhabitant the most. Sparks will illuminate the way home, and it’s first time designers put forth the concept of bringing nature, daylight, and social place making together with the idea of paying homage to the local Hakka Cultures.
In The Universiade Central Station, the white portion of the ceiling is then cladded with parametrically controlled triangulated panels, the interplay between the ‘figure ground’: the white and ground creates a mesmerizing spatial experience.
Designers introduced the linear LED lights to the ceiling where they exaggerate the expression of the orbit of the stars, to enhance the experience of the dome. This highly futuristic and high-tech space also represents the ultra-ascending pace of Shenzhen of becoming one of the global capitals of technologies.
They adhere to the principle of adapting to local conditions, and in the design of urban public transportation spaces, the entire line 16 takes ‘sunshine+home’ as the main theme background. Each station design is not only achieving the core functional requirements but also combining the regional characteristics and cultural differences within. This was the starting point to shape the perception of spatial structure. The design interprets the individuality and unity of the overall route by the shapes, functions, and materials of each station on Shenzhen Line 16, reflecting the better vision of Shenzhen's ‘cohabitation, symbiosis and co-prosperity’. Hoping that through the exploration and experimentation of the team, the project can become an icon of Shenzhen, presenting the city's characteristics, historical context, and creative artistries.

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