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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

Rising Sun Design






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Rising Sun Design


Photo Credits:

Rising Sun Design


Rising Sun Design

The homeowners consider the cat to be their furry family member. The main design axis of the loft is casualness. The open-concept spaces give an unobstructed view so that the cat and homeowners can interact more with each other. In the dark-colored home, not only homeowners but also the cat can find a place to relax and rest. The rough texture of industrial style is expressed through iron pieces, leather sofa, and exposed pipelines, while the warm light evokes the feeling of nostalgia and tells the story about the home. The hand-painted texture spreads over the ceiling, floor, and wall to slowly reveal a rustic warmth that balances the coldness of the industrial style. Nature is brought indoors by adding plants at the windows, kitchen, and dining room. As a result, the rigidness of space is soften. Without featuring a grey tone, the TV wall is in a highly saturated blue with multiple layers of smears creating various shades. A cat jumping platform is perfect for the couple’s perching and climbing feline family member. It also connects upward to the aerial walkway in the shape of a crane, creating a personalized scene in a balance of movement and stillness. In the kitchen and dining room, the kitchenware is placed on the kitchen island to allow interaction between the family and pet while cooking. The charcoal-black pendants and countertops subdue the ambience and exude a stable and relaxing dining atmosphere. At the sides of the bar attached to the kitchen island, wooden cabinets are placed to store beers from different countries. The brilliant colors make the room look active and alive. A book wall divides the public sphere and private sphere. The clever arrangement of books provides privacy to the bedroom. Wood accents in the interior of the bedroom add warmth and create a tranquil and soothing feeling.

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