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Arch Design Award 

Winner '22


Interior Design Category

The circle of life

Designed by

Sung-Shu Chan/YUTO design






Team Members:

The circle of life

Residential Architecture


Sung-Shu Chan/YUTO design

Sung-Shu Chan, Ya-Hui Chang

Photo Credits:

YUTO design


YUTO design

The owner was thrilled when purchasing the newly-constructed residence; however, the space wasn’t quite ample, and it needed to fulfill the requirements of three household members. After discussions, the team decided to use circular arc elements as the critical feature of the space; they eliminated the pressure brought by sharp corners and soften the towering beam-column of the dining area and the hallway. Since the owner longs for a neat and simple living environment and values the amount of storage functions, the team has maximized the spacing effect by making well use of each corner. Meanwhile, the advantages of the lighting and ventilation conditions are retained through the open-end public area and study. Since each room is set up with cabinets to increase convenience, they are made of various materials and decorated in dark and light colors to create both high functionality and a sense of aesthetic to the space.

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