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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Golden Earthenware

Designed by

Tsung-Wei Tsai, Daimon Interior & Decor Design Company






Team Members:

Golden Earthenware

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Tsung-Wei Tsai, Daimon Interior & Decor Design Company

Tsung-Wei Tsai, Ci-Jie Lin

Photo Credits:

Daimon Interior & Decor Design Company


Daimon Interior & Decor Design Company

The project is a five-story single-family home for a couple and their mother. The name of this project is "Golden Earthenware", which comes from two lines of Chinese poetry. The first one is the appearance of a plant flashing in the light, and the second is a golden container. The combination of these two phrases, meaning "flashing golden light", is the theme of this project.
The brown color creates a calm impression of the environment, and the golden light of the stone is revealed through the spotlighting to create a magnificent atmosphere. Meanwhile, the cabinet has a magnificent feeling, and the design of the sliding door takes into account its functionality. The details are designed with consistent gaps and irregularly staggered in the façade.
All in all, the multi-layered, irregular, and non-monotonous design techniques show in both the public and private areas, creating a refined residence with luxury and grandeur.

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