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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Ebisu Japanese Restaurant

Designed by

Shunsuke Ohe / LUSTYdesign Inc.






Team Members:

Ebisu Japanese Restaurant

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Osaka pref.Japan

Shunsuke Ohe / LUSTYdesign Inc.

Photo Credits:

Tetsuro Goto by ISOLA Inc.


LUSTYdeseign Inc.

A Japanese restaurant which offers traditional Japanese dishes called "WASHOKU". WASHOKU is traditional Japanese culinary culture, registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. WASHOKU is a social custom of Japan which is based on the spirit of respecting nature. This place communicates the proud culinary culture of Japan to foreign tourists and the Japanese. It also acts as a place to pass this on to future generations.

The concept of the project is WASHOKU is to create a space to further emphasize its world view. Here, Japanese dishes which use seasonal ingredients from the mountains, sea, and rivers of Japan and handpicked local sake are offered. Guests can enjoy the world of WASHOKU through the Japanese garden which is full of seasonal plants and flowers as well as a waterfall, and an interior with traditional Japanese materials.

It is far removed from the bustle of city life and it is very quiet. The Japanese garden which has stones piled up on the wall are like that of a castle wall, plenty of seasonal plants and flowers, and a waterfall cascading down are following a traditional style. Japanese traditional materials are used everywhere in the interior, and in addition to the WASHOKU, guests will be able to more broadly and deeply understand the Japanese traditional culture by being in such an atmosphere.

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