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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Cosmos

Designed by







Team Members:

The Cosmos

Residential Architecture



KengYu Liao

Photo Credits:

Ethan Lee



Designed to extend a sense of hospitality, the public spaces of the Signet Residence are spread over the first three floors as well as the rooftop. Designed not as discreet spaces but as an entire lifestyle, the space serves both residents and guests with an exceptional level of detail.

The first to come to sight, is a dazzling custom chandelier, handcrafted in Italy. The pièce de resistance in the 10m high lobby, the chandelier’s champagne-colored, dappled lights extend the drama of the space by reflecting and refracting off the mirrored ceiling. A liquid chrome reception desk inspired by the shape of a traditional gold ingot—symbol of peace and prosperity—serves as another visual anchor, while to the left an intimate waiting area complements the grandeur of the lobby.

The lobby living room features various pieces of limited edition furniture and objets d’art, perfectly blending in art with life. In the salon and ballroom, ceiling mouldings are daringly reinterpreted in mirrored chrome, while light from pendant tube chandeliers—itself a modern remix of a classical form—adds drama to the space.

On the second floor are more leisurely spaces such as theater, study, games room, and KTV. While the third floor holds active space such as the pool, yoga, gym, and spa, each with its own unique design identity. In the second floor library, classical arches contrast with chrome bookshelves and mirrored wall panels that dematerialize the space. The result is an ambience that’s at once stoic and playful, classical yet modern.

The concept of hospitality extends skywards and with a difference sense, with the rooftop tearoom. The fragrance of tea leaves intermingles with that of rice straw mats, creating a sense of calm and ceremony. While wood panelling is complemented with a sense of calm and ceremony. While wood panelling is complemented with a soothing palette of earth tones and greenery, contributing to the feeling of zen.

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