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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Curve Of Time

Designed by

Lin Wei Ping Design






Team Members:

The Curve Of Time

Residential Architecture

Ningbo, China

Lin Wei Ping Design


Photo Credits:

Liu Ying, Yao De Li, 2022


LWPD, 2022

The client is a young couple who desire a unique home that can serve as both a residence and a venue for hosting parties. This design extracts inspiration from water droplets.Water is the source of life. Imagining each water droplet as a distinct space, the various sizes and shapes of the droplets are combined to create a highly distinctive, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing interior space.

As soon as we step out of the elevator on either side, we are greeted with a graceful curve and well-designed lighting. Pure white is given depth and variation through the layering of light and shadow. With the changes in light and smart lighting, the space can meet different time periods and various living scenarios.

Divide the space with smooth curves, break through the rigid space boundary, cut the square structure inside the space with the circle, and then break the circle into curves and recombine to form different structural patterns. In consideration of consistency, try to choose natural materials and peaceful colors for floors, walls, furniture, etc.There is no dazzling way of decoration. Natural light combined with warm and comfortable furniture, the staggered texture will be more and more vigorous with time.

Designing and modeling curved shapes is a challenging task . Designer spent a lot of time thinking about how to design and hand drawn floorplan. In the end, we used GFRG to create the wall and ceiling shapes.

Homeowners often hold cultural exchange activities and community parties here. A large number of sustainable materials are used to complete this project, such as use low-voc(volatile organic compounds) paints on the wall and ceiling, the large-sized sintered stone were chosen for the flooring, cupboards are made of boards certified by FSC or PEFC. In addition, we used a row of stainless steel along the windows to enhance the reflection of outdoor light into the interior, making the indoor lighting brighter and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

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