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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Loft W.

Designed by

Ally Chen / Birmingham Interior Design






Team Members:

Loft W.

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Ally Chen / Birmingham Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Chris Fan,2022


Birmingham Interior Design,2022

In this 132 square meter abode, the design narrative centers on the male homeowner's whisky collection, transforming the space into a personal tavern. A showcase wall melds stone, wood panels, and metal to evoke an intimate pub's charm. Strategic lighting accentuates the whisky display, contrasting the collection's subdued elegance with the area's vibrant character.

The entryway makes a bold statement with a generous dusting zone and soft grey wood walls, leading to an iron screen between the foyer and living room that visually lightens the space and addresses Feng Shui concerns. The wall between the living and dining areas has been removed, allowing for an airy flow, and a wooden arch over the sofa alongside a brick and stone wall subtly divides the space while underscoring the whisky theme.

The large whisky cabinet stands as the room's centerpiece, with adjustable glass shelving illuminated to highlight the bottles. Metal blinds protect the cabinet from sunlight, and a green serpentine brick wall echoes the cabinet's metallic accents. A central island made from Diatone stone and dark panels exudes sophistication.

The master bedroom, adorned with light-colored furniture, caters to the female homeowner's taste, while the male homeowner's secondary bedroom features a concealed door and a dark desk that ties into the liquor cabinet, offering a blend of serenity and charm.

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