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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



A Coastal Retreat

Designed by

Rita Glória Interior Design






Team Members:

A Coastal Retreat

Residential Architecture


Rita Glória Interior Design

Rita Glória; Ana Ribeiro; Leonor Matos; Madalena Moreira

Photo Credits:

Jerome Maas


Rita Glória Interior Design

A Coastal Retreat

This holiday home near Sesimbra was designed to offer year-round comfort while reflecting the adventurous spirit of the clients, avid travelers whose belongings whisper stories from around the world.
The initial concept was inspired by our client’s traveler nature and their artifacts from all round the world. We began with a neutral comfortable environment, and build upon it with the pre-existing special pieces, allowing them to stand out.
The living room features a statement piece: a suspended bio-alcohol fireplace crafted from black iron, promising warmth even on the chilliest days. Other remarkable elements include two handcrafted coffee tables made from exotic wood, playing a starring role in the overall ambience.
In the bedrooms, custom-designed elements reign. Colors were chosen to be universally appealing, as these spaces would welcome guests and family. The second bedroom boasts a single headboard, a portable side table, and adjustable lighting, cleverly transforming into a second double bedroom if desired. Both rooms prioritize natural materials: woven straw, exotic wood furniture, and linen textiles.
In the exterior, the clients emphasized low-maintenance materials for this second home, while incorporating a jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. To ensure privacy, wood composite panels were used in areas with less scenic views, while the side facing the well-maintained and inviting landscape features vertical posts with gaps, allowing glimpses of the beauty beyond.
We created multiple, distinct environments within the same space using pathways. Some areas are fully covered in wood, others have composite slats marking a path, and the final relaxation zone boasts luscious grass.
This project exemplifies how interior design can completely transform a space, providing it with the desired comfort and tranquility, without ever losing the identity of those who inhabit it.

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