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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Answer to XY-axis

Designed by

Tan Shu Ching, Chen Cian Hua/ Herzu Interior Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

The Answer to XY-axis

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tan Shu Ching, Chen Cian Hua/ Herzu Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Cheng Hung Hsu

Photo Credits:

2023, Moooteen Studio, Wu Chi Min


Herzu Interior Design Co., Ltd.

This is the project where the owner has been living for over a decade, and they hope to improve functionality and address the issues they encountered with the previous layout. The rearrangement of the spatial layout aims to eliminate the visual oppression caused by the boundaries between spaces and the original structure. By removing the visual barriers, the goal is to find a seamless flow and break the physical divisions of the structure. Solid wood is applied as the main element to traverse the space. To extend the visual width of the TV wall, the wooden beams above the TV wall extend outward to the entrance area, expanding the visual flow through the public space. The design of the wooden beams also connects with the entrance room divider and the workspace, creating a visual connection that extends and opens up the entire public area while maintaining functional separation. Living room is located at the center of the space to prevent a feeling of confinement, resulting in an open and smooth atmosphere. The room divider not only preserves spatial privacy but also integrates the concept of wooden structures, resembling an art installation placed within the space, showcasing its beauty from different angles. To maximize natural light entering the living room, the glass partitions are used between the living room and kitchen. Moreover, the wall of kitchen does not reach the ceiling, and the transparent glass panels are placed above to allow maximum light penetration into the interior using glass sliding doors. The master bedroom is enlarged to include a dressing area, just like a perforated box placed in the space.
The functionality inside the dressing area primarily features a blue color theme, incorporating storage cabinets and hanging clothes racks with seemingly casual lines that are thoughtfully designed based on the owner's needs.

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