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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Tranquil Abode

Designed by

Chun Nan Chiang






Team Members:

Tranquil Abode

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Chun Nan Chiang


Photo Credits:

Chen Yun Chi


Square House Style Design Co Ltd

Determined to satisfy the homeowner’s needs, the design team strived to create an elegant and comfortable living environment within a small space, allowing the homeowners to enjoy a carefree and relaxed atmosphere in daily life. This was accomplished by reducing the visual sense of confinement in the space through ingenious design, simplifying the complexity and blurring the boundaries of living, to allow for a blissful and tranquil living environment.For the kitchen bar, a curved design made with 5mm metallic parts accentuates a sense of trendy and contemporary elegance. The TV wall incorporates a lacquered paint design with linear elements to create a cohesive and consistent texture between the TV cabinet doors and the room doors, perfectly showcasing the space’s distinct character.
In the entrance foyer, we have created a focal point to accentuate the space, utilizing a rotating dressing mirror to effectively divide the areas. For the TV wall in the living room, sleek lines are used to extend the façade and magnify the visual effect. In addition, the dining room is designed with curved lines to create a slender and attractive kitchen bar. In the master bedroom, louvre blinds are used to design the main wardrobe, emphasizing the light Americana style of the space. The design team has purposefully designed the interior to allow for abundant natural light throughout the space, whether in the public or private areas. Windows are strategically placed to introduce daylight, ensuring that the entire space benefits from ample natural lighting, thus minimizing the reliance on artificial lighting and contributing to energy efficiency and conservation. Furthermore, the design team has used environmentally friendly paints and materials throughout the space. From the flooring to the partition walls and storage cabinets, eco-friendly boards and paints have been utilized to not only meet the homeowner's functional needs but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

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