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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Bar Liowl

Designed by

Chen Kai-Sheng / KAH Design Studio






Team Members:

Bar Liowl

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Chen Kai-Sheng / KAH Design Studio

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Chen Kai-Sheng / KAH Design Studio

This project involves the renovation of a single-level commercial space with an interior area of approximately 64 square meters. Situated in a prime location with excellent natural light due to its corner position, the space's elongated layout perfectly aligns with the requirements. The generous ceiling height is custom-tailored for a tall and slender shop owner, providing a distinct advantage for business operations. The central focus of the space planning is to maximize efficiency while breaking away from the typical wine bar display, replacing it with a clean and sleek style that still captures the essence of a wine bar, ensuring a delightful ambiance. The design draws inspiration from the weathered red bricks, incorporating their time-worn textures and using calm, subtle colors and warm wood materials to create a soothing and comfortable environment, a peaceful oasis amidst the urban jungle.

The storefront exterior extends into the interior with gray-green paint, textured by hand to add delicate layers. Playful bricks inject a youthful vibrancy, while iron elements, white curtains, and natural light interweave to showcase the balance of strength and softness, embodying the unique characteristics of the shop owner. Within the space, a storage room and a guest restroom have been added in the central area, clearly defining the public and private zones. The front area serves as the bar, and the back area is designated for a studio and relaxation, offering multifunctional use while maximizing space efficiency. The high ceilings create an open and spacious atmosphere, and birch wood materials enhance a light and crisp texture.
The red bricks, removed during demolition, take center stage as the main visual element, showcasing the historical traces of the space. Glass openings introduce soft and gentle lighting, and the brick bar counter complements the vibrant, colorful wall, creating a lively atmosphere.

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