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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



A Haven of the Soul

Designed by

HO KUO CHING/Banner-Castle Interior Co.,Ltd.






Team Members:

A Haven of the Soul

Residential Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

HO KUO CHING/Banner-Castle Interior Co.,Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Banner-Castle Interior Co.,Ltd.


Banner-Castle Interior Co.,Ltd.

The homeowner of this project is a Christian family, and the homeowner’s late husband has inspired the residence's interior design. This residence is a place where it is full of the family’s happy memories. For remembrance and memorial, the designer has chosen to bring faith into the residential space to give the soul a beautiful haven. In the private living area, the designer has satisfied the needs of each family member and utilizes a different design style to plan the bedrooms of different family members, creating a personalized space for them and satisfying their imagination of home.

Upon entering the room, one will find that the shoe cabinet in the entrance and the wall in the living room are designed with geometric lines to present the two areas’ continuity. In the living room, the main TV wall is made of light-colored marble combined with multi-angle facets to create a unique visual hierarchy. On the other hand, the TV cabinet on the side continues the marble elements and is demonstrated in black, adding a subtle sense of calmness and sophistication. Also, the designer exquisitely selects soft fabrics for the sofa and curtains to match the warm gray color scheme, creating a tranquil and comfortable space. In addition, since the living room is the core area of home life, the cross is deliberately hung there to symbolize the core of faith. Moreover, to increase the frequency of interaction among family members, the living room, dining, and kitchen spaces are integrated to maintain smooth communication between members of each area and broaden the feeling of space.

Moving slowly to the private area, one will find the image of each bedroom owner outlined through different style forms. The master bedroom is presented in a hotel style, combining fashion, functionality, and art, and combined with natural light to create a high-taste pressure relief area.

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