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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Architectural Beauty of Linear Art

Designed by

Shun Jhang Jian, Fan Wei Wu, Tzu Yung Wang/HANPIN Architects and Partners.






Team Members:

Architectural Beauty of Linear Art

Industrial Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shun Jhang Jian, Fan Wei Wu, Tzu Yung Wang/HANPIN Architects and Partners.

Photo Credits:

HANPIN Architects and Partners.


HANPIN Architects and Partners.

The architecture is a masterpiece amidst the bustling city, serving as a landmark of the area. The corporate logo inspires the architectural design and incorporates the requirement of the certification of “Intelligent Building," which caters to the requirements of integrated wiring, information and communication, system integration, facility management, safety and disaster prevention, energy conservation management, health, and comfort, as well as intelligent innovation. The design reflects the corporate image and fulfills users’ needs while prioritizing environmental friendliness and ecological sustainability. As a result, the building is constructed to be eco-friendly and highly efficient while being self-explanatory in nature.

The team has designed a parking lot for a tech company building, incorporating the chain shape logo of the company into the building facade as geometric patterns. This design symbolizes the interconnectedness, cooperation, and harmonious relationship among the business partners, as well as the continuous creativity and development of the firm. Additionally, the team takes into account the local environment and incorporates staggered openings on the building façade to resist the influence of the northeastern monsoon while allowing abundant sunlight and fresh air to enter. It turns into a high-tech-ish box that resembles photosynthesis.

For this project, the designer incorporates corporate signature colors and logo elements to decorate the building's exterior, reflecting the corporate image. The undulating building skin features a linear lighting design, illuminating the urban streetscape at night and ensuring a safe and bright environment for the public without any security dead spots. The green roofs on the top floors of the building increase the green coverage, reducing the urban heat island effect.

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