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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

HAN MEI FANG / socozydesign






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

HAN MEI FANG / socozydesign

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The office plan was meticulously crafted by the design team, who took inspiration from the breathtaking natural surroundings of the area. With the lush greenery and scenic mountains as their guide, the team aimed to create a space that not only served as a place of work but also highlighted the beauty of life itself. The office spans approximately 100 square meters and features a seamless integration of the exhibition and office areas, allowing them to complement each other in perfect harmony. Through sensory feedback, the design exudes a professional image that can meet any challenges that may arise, ensuring that the enterprise always stands out.

The entryway corridor is designed with large slabs of tiles and planting walls to create a beautiful landscape that makes a strong and elegant first impression. The functional area is at the end of the corridor, and the lounge area has a rust pattern floor tile that extends from the entrance. The geometrically striped bar and kitchenware storage wall add to the relaxed and calm demeanor, while demonstrating the use of building materials. Glass screens with different textures also add distinctive layers to the space. On the other hand, the gray and white panels, interspersed with black soft furnishings, emphasize the smooth expression of the office, and bright green adds vitality to break away from the impression of a hard and dull enterprise. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the whole surface of the office provide a bright and open atmosphere, allowing light and vision to pass through all areas. The large conference room is designed with plates of different textures to create visual layers, providing the design team with material options when colliding with creative inspiration.

Our company is committed to raising awareness about environmental issues among our colleagues. To achieve this, we have implemented green design in our workplace, which involves incorporating a simulated wall of vegetation in the foyer.

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