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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Gorgeous Daily

Designed by

Liang Ren-Yu / Micro Principle Interior Design Studio (MPIDS)






Team Members:

The Gorgeous Daily

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Liang Ren-Yu / Micro Principle Interior Design Studio (MPIDS)

Photo Credits:

Micro Principle Interior Design Studio (MPIDS)


Micro Principle Interior Design Studio (MPIDS)

This is an interior design project for a residential space of approximately 66 square meters, meant for a family of four — a husband, wife, and two young children. The designer used their creativity to break away from the traditional design pattern and create a spacious, comfortable environment despite the limited area. The husband prefers dark colors and is well-organized, while the wife prefers elegance and a dignified appearance. Additionally, the couple wanted to be able to enjoy their children's childhood moments, even while managing their busy work schedules. To meet their requirements, the designer used black, white, and wood tones as the base colors and added classical aesthetics to suit the couple's preferences. The open space planning approach was utilized to provide a living space where the family can dine, read, and work together.

Upon entering the interior, the designer noticed that this project deviated from the usual luxurious and traditional classical aesthetics. While retaining the design of line panels, the designers opted for a simple and restrained configuration as the main axis of the space. In the white space, the designer skillfully utilized the white lacquered TV wall, classical line panel design and window blinds to create layers in the space. To promote parent-child interaction, the designers adopted an open layout to integrate the living room, dining room, kitchen, and study, thus linking up the family's life trajectory and enhancing their emotional relationship. The dining area, in particular, features a zigzag design that allows for smoother navigation within the space. Additionally, each area is equipped with storage cabinets and display platforms to meet the current and future storage needs of the residents.

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