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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Immersed in gray shades

Designed by

Po Wei Lee / Shuei Design






Team Members:

Immersed in gray shades

Residential Architecture

Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Po Wei Lee / Shuei Design

Photo Credits:

Shuei Design


Shuei Design

The calm gray shades along with warm wood accents create a modern and simple living space. Instead of cumbersome layers of lines and various materials, the natural textures reflect the simplicity of the sleek silhouette and echo what the homeowners want from the bottom of their hearts. In the public area, the open floor plan connects the living room and study room. The sliding glass door delineates the kitchen, without detracting from the open plan feel of large spaces. While the sliding glass door is known for its transparency, it can also provide privacy when necessary.
The gray mirror and wood grille form the entryway. The mirror creates the illusion of space by reflecting the view and adding a sense of depth. At the same time, it is also beneficial in offering privacy in the public area and offsetting the sense of narrowness in the original layout. The floor floral tiles and cabinets feature light gray color to create visual consistency.
The TV wall is made of dark gray stone with smooth stone veins and soft glow, evoking a sense of charm and timeless grace. The half-height wall behind the sofa designates the study room. The length of the low wall is half of the desktop's length. Equipped with sockets, power distribution, and storage platform, it offers versatility without giving up visual smoothness. The book wall continues the gray tone and incorporates rustic wood knots and growth rings to exude a calm atmosphere. In the kitchen, the horizontal countertop can facilitate meal preparation. The interweaving of dark and light colors creates layers of details. Fresh light gray oozes a soothing ambience for a good night's sleep. Colors with low saturation levels make the space subtle and subdued. The arrangement of materials restores the pure laid-back vibe.

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