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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



In-depth Perception

Designed by

Alex Yuan






Team Members:

In-depth Perception

Commercial & Office Architecture

Tainan, Taiwan

Alex Yuan


Photo Credits:



Haifu Construction Co., Ltd.

Setting off with a contemporary and understated style, the design incorporates diverse tiered platforms that harmoniously blend with the backdrop of the rear landscape. With a presentation of varying elevations, the design facilitates water to cascade down like a waterfall, infusing the space with a vivid sense of natural imagery. This project is 177 centimeters high, shaping a grand atmosphere. In terms of functionality, it combines the reception counter with home delivery features. By thoughtfully placing a coffee bar on the side, a captivating café ambiance is formed in conjunction with a comfortable sofa seating area, where the deliberate inclusion of expansive floor-to-ceiling windows seamlessly integrates with the outdoor scenery.Two semi-circular booths are deliberately arranged on the protruding sections on both sides of the building, allowing the space and the floor-to-ceiling glass to visually harmonize with the surrounding environment. The entrance incorporates black and gray marble on both the floors and walls, intending to infuse the space with natural imagery, and cultivate a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. The ceiling is adorned with metal panels and complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows, which reflect sunlight and waterscape, creating fresh and bright indoor lighting. For overhead shelving above the entrance, it is crafted with a metal framework featuring horizontal and vertical metal panels that serve as an entrance display with a sun-blocking effect.Facing the marsh area of the Taijiang National Park, extends the captivating waterscape imagery into the space, complemented by the reflection of expansive glass that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the integration of reflective surfaces on the ceiling metal generates a shimmering effect as if surrounded by nature. Lastly, a touch of modern subtlety is infused into the space, impeccably blending space and functionality, and delineating a delightful ambiance.

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