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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

Shane Chiu






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shane Chiu

Anita Peng

Photo Credits:



Teeming Interior Design co.,ltd.

By transcending the typical rigid and formal ambiance of commercial offices, the design team leveraged professional expertise and carefully selected materials; within the constraints of the spatial dimensions, they leveraged the warm and inviting qualities of wooden tones to create a cozy and comfortable office ambiance. At the same time, they maintained the transparency of glass to infuse the space with fresh and bright airiness. Also, they tailored the meeting rooms to meet varying needs, creating more spacious areas and defying the traditional image associated with office spaces of multinational companies in Taiwan.
For the design of the conference rooms, integrated wooden ceilings with light steel frames, creating a unique visual texture using diamond shapes and lighting strips. Additionally, to accommodate large-scale meeting needs, the design opened up the meeting rooms and used movable partitions to provide flexibility, allowing the space to be adjusted according to specific usage scenarios.
On the entrance wall, marble was generously employed in the design to convey the texture and refined style of the logo. Following this, there's the reception seating area, hallway ceilings, and restrooms, where laminated veneer lumber (LVL) panels impart a warm tone to the space. In the meeting rooms, the design team opted for woven carpets on the floors, employing color and lines to create a lively and vibrant image.
Diverging from the typical bland and staid image of conventional commercial offices, the design team transformed a 40-year-old building by addressing existing spatial issues. They went on to create reception seating areas, office spaces, conference rooms, and canteen areas to meet the functional requirements of a commercial office. By carefully selecting materials and leveraging professional expertise, they imbued the space with a warm and inviting ambiance while preserving the professional image of the brand.

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