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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Judo Da Ji

Designed by

Judo Group






Team Members:

Judo Da Ji

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Judo Group

Photo Credits:

Judo Group


Judo Group

This building in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is a unique blend of residential and commercial spaces, consisting of four distinct volumes. The project has been thoughtfully designed to provide an inviting and comfortable open space for both residents and visitors alike. The building is set back from the street, with green belts and public open spaces, giving a natural, organic feel to the surroundings. Additionally, a closed shallow pool has been incorporated into the entrance hall, creating a moat-like safety line between the public and private areas. This buffer space ensures that residents can interact with neighbors in a friendly manner while maintaining privacy and security.

The exterior of the building features a modern, minimalist aesthetic with a simple and clean design. The use of pure colors and simple lines, along with materials such as granite, tiles, and glass, creates a calm and restrained architectural tone. Furthermore, the building incorporates rain shelters, deep windows, and vertical grilles to enhance the expression of the pure façade. Overall, this building is a remarkable example of how thoughtful design can create a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces while maintaining privacy, security, and a natural feel.

In order to create a building that is not only functional, but also visually appealing, the team carefully considered every aspect of the design. From the building configuration to the color scheme and the rooftop garden, every detail was carefully planned to ensure the best possible outcome. To achieve the desired spacing and lighting, the team opted for a symmetrical building configuration. This not only allowed for optimal functionality, but also created a pleasing aesthetic that is both balanced and symmetrical.

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