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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Moment of Eternity

Designed by

James Ni / LZ Arch Space






Team Members:

The Moment of Eternity

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

James Ni / LZ Arch Space

Photo Credits:

LZ Arch Space


LZ Arch Space

This interior design project for a roughcast residence took a whole year from planning and design until completion. Instead of focusing on a unique style, we based it on "life" and centered the space on "family gathering." The overall space highlights visual permeability and smoothness by using a penetrating partition design and the design of the door as a wall and a wall as a door. This way, the visual extension of the functional furniture configuration will not affect the space and can create the beauty of spatial mobility.

The main focus of this project is the concept of "home" and its design. The design concept is based on the idea of "life movement" and "use demand". To achieve this, the team has planned the study, bedroom, studio, and other ancillary spaces outside the core spaces such as the guest room and dining room. This not only reflects the status of "family", but also satisfies the family's various life needs. Moreover, the overall design is based on "shape and random function". Once the functional purpose is set, the team chooses the appropriate materials to match the function and adjust the space accordingly.

The residential space was designed to fit the owner's imagination, which required a lot of communication and conceptual integration during the execution process. The owner was also involved in the planning process. The overall design was based on the owner's needs and preferences, and it utilized a large number of pure color veneer, titanium-plated, and pine-white wood veneer materials. The goal was to use 2-3 types of materials to define the spatial spindle color and create a natural, warm, and soft atmosphere in the home. This design emphasized the spatial sense of respiration and the sense of liveliness of the Scandinavian light music.

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