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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Miniature of the City

Designed by

Wu Chia Chen, Liao Ming Yi / SOMORE lnterior Design Limited






Team Members:

Miniature of the City

Cultural Architecture


Wu Chia Chen, Liao Ming Yi / SOMORE lnterior Design Limited

Photo Credits:

SOMORE lnterior Design Limited


SOMORE lnterior Design Limited

As we enter the post-epidemic era, there is a growing desire for social and cultural experiences. To meet this demand, a project has been initiated to establish an art and cultural center that can serve as a platform for people to interact and provide opportunities to revitalize the arts and cultural industry. The project's central design theme is “Miniature of the City,” which incorporates classical imagery and modern art to create a new local cultural landmark. It is expected to attract art enthusiasts and the general public, contributing to society's growth in the post-epidemic era. 

The art center has been designed to be a miniature version of the city, reflecting its diversity and artistic vibe. Unlike traditional clubs, the interior of the venue is characterized by smooth lines of movement and a transparent layout. The space has been created to provide visitors with a comfortable and private area to socialize and exchange ideas. Additionally, it can be used to organize cultural, creative, and charitable events, enhancing the significance of arts and humanities and taking a significant step in the post-epidemic era's social development.

The space is meticulously crafted with a minimalist approach, featuring sleek lines, uncomplicated blocks, and soothing light hues. The inviting warmth of the wooden finishes blends seamlessly with the tranquil ambiance of the room. The expansive layout and generously sized windows allow natural light to permeate every nook and cranny of the space, casting an ethereal glow that elevates the atmosphere. The pièce de résistance of the room is the central ceiling, which boasts a brilliant artistic element in the form of a light film that masterfully depicts a charming patio, evoking feelings of grandeur, superiority, and transcendence.

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