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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category




Designed by

Hsieh Wen Tong, Hsu Chin Wei, Huang Yung Chi, Luo Ching You, Liu Kang Cheng / T.E&C Architects & Associates






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

Nantou County, Taiwan

Hsieh Wen Tong, Hsu Chin Wei, Huang Yung Chi, Luo Ching You, Liu Kang Cheng / T.E&C Architects & Associates

Photo Credits:

T.E&C Architects & Associates


T.E&C Architects & Associates

At “JIUNYO,” a paper cup manufacturing factory, their fundamental business philosophy revolves around environmental protection, innovation, and friendliness. The design of the factory reflects these values and ensures environmental sustainability. Given the high volume of daily production, the factory requires ample space to accommodate raw materials and finished products. The manufacturing process is fast-paced, so the factory layout, logistical routes, and people flow must be carefully organized to ensure timely delivery of accurate outputs. The project aims to create a comfortable and favorable working environment while also providing enough unloading space.

The project involved transforming an old flat factory into a vertical structure to streamline the manufacturing process. Smart manufacturing was incorporated along with an automated handling system to minimize human errors. Additionally, an automated waste recycling system was implemented to minimize the impact on the environment. The team took advantage of the elevated location by adding large glass windows on floors with good visibility, creating a comfortable working environment. An office area and common reading space were planned on the top floor with a circular patio design to create natural light and a bright activity area. Overall, these changes greatly enhanced the quality of the working environment and increased work efficiency.

The exterior design of the building is inspired by a commonly used product manufactured by the firm, the paper cup. The color scheme is primarily based on the white hue of paper rolls, which is the fundamental element of the entire design. The seamless and visually pleasing pattern is achieved by meticulously weaving paper rolls together. The interlocking and rhythmic volumes of the design significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the building, making it a marvelous sight to behold.

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