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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



The Rainbow Capital - Room type 115m²

Designed by

Classic Art Center(CAC Design)






Team Members:

The Rainbow Capital - Room type 115m²

Residential Architecture

Hangzhou, China

Classic Art Center(CAC Design)

Iruka Wu, Yifan Li, Viven Fei, Lori Bao, Yiwen Chen, Jie Lin, Lu Zhang

Photo Credits:

404NF STUDIO ,2023


Classic Art Center(CAC Design),2023

With the theme of coming home and rebuilding quality life, this 115-square-meter residential design offers an exploration into luxurious living in the modern era. The interior design adds soul to the space, conveys the expectations of family members for returning home, and captures the elegance of luxury art within the space.

The dining room and living room are seamlessly connected and open up to the expansive outdoor scenery of rivers and mountains framed by the wide windows. This design creates a sense of spaciousness and luxury. "Opening up" refers not only to the physical space, but also to the living scale and mindset. The dining table extends and blends with the bay window, showcasing the high-end feel of the space. The wine stored on the sill is easily accessible, allowing for delightful tastes and creating the perfect background music for toasts and family dinners.

The master bedroom features warm colors throughout, with clean and concise lines that enhance the overall ambiance. The open dressing table and wardrobe not only contribute to the spaciousness of the room, but also create an exquisite atmosphere.

The study serves as both a studio and a resting area. It showcases the male owner's collection of mechanical watches, displaying them as a thematic scene. The wall decor consists of mechanical watches and hundreds of mechanical parts, injecting the soul of the space and reflecting the essence of refined craftsmanship and art. It also symbolizes the passage of time. To maintain the inspiration for life, one can follow the ticking hands of the watches and experience the emotional changes within the space with each passing moment.

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