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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Purity in mellow white

Designed by

Yuan Ju, Liang / Yincheng Interior Design






Team Members:

Purity in mellow white

Residential Architecture

Yilan City, Taiwan

Yuan Ju, Liang / Yincheng Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Yincheng Interior Design


Yincheng Interior Design

In the modern framework, the soft milk tea tone pairs with an unobstructed panoramic view. A palette of neutral tones expands the living space, where the warm wood hues complement each other, echoing what the homeowners want from the bottom of their hearts. To achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, the folding door delineates the home gym, which not only reveals orders and layers, but also breaks up the rigidity. In the public area, the structural beam spans across the canopy. Light stripes in the center of the short beam alleviate the compression of the volume, while the symmetrical curved arcs on the two sides modify the differences in height. The smooth curves appear similar to a bird's outstretched wings, offering a sense of movement and fluidity.
At the entryway, terrazzo floor tiles designate the mud room. The vivid color scheme can unwind people when they return home. The shoe cabinet and shoe bench are integrated into the storage cabinet. By integrating different functions, the space provides spacious walking paths, bringing a streamlined visual aesthetic. Flooring materials change in the living room. The storage cabinet is placed under the beams. The transition of color schemes reveals a simple and clean TV wall. Without flashy decorations and unnecessary embellishments, the space returns to its tranquil and elegant essence.
The L-shaped layout makes efficient use of corner space to maximize the floor space, and at the same time defines the kitchen and dining area. Awkward spaces are transformed into fantastic storage cabinets for appliances. The walls and columns feature hand-applied paints. The recess cleverly functions as a display unit. The aesthetic tension is expressed in elegant compositions through sheer balance and restraint. The grille beside the dining table breaks up the weight of the wall visually. With the hidden door, it creates a simple yet soothing view.

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