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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Seal Interior Design office

Designed by

Abner Chu / Seal Interior Design






Team Members:

Seal Interior Design office

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei city, Taiwan

Abner Chu / Seal Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Seal Interior Design


Seal Interior Design

This 50-year-old house is the place that accompanied the design director when growing up. As time passes, the residence is layered in history. Through "inheritance and renovation" design approach, we incorporate the needs, enhance the structure and redesign the layout with a deep-rooted love for the old house. The old house is reborn to its former glory. Due to the size limitation, the space is deconstructed and divided into different zones to maximize the floor space.
The light gray pebbledash steps and the walls with dark gray stone tiles provide a gradient effect. The entrance with lines and curves sets a clear theme and gives the interior a higher degree of privacy in a partially concealed space.
Upon opening the door, the irregularly spliced floral tiles add interest to the simple entrance. Given the limitations of the original layout, the shoe cabinet in the foyer is enlarged by a beveled surface. It is transformed into a small pantry in the passageway. The special paint is applied with a trowel, presenting stone-like uneven textures. The rough texture adds a delicate luster under the light.
A wood grille delineates the spaces and maintains a sense of transparency. The slightly elevated flooring delineates the office area, and the beveled corner ensures a smooth traffic flow. Behind the sliding glass door is the storage room for building materials. Frosted glass allows light to pass through without casting shadows, offering a light visual weight without blocking natural light. The design of a hidden bathroom door extends the line of sight along with linear lines to enlarge the space. In the chatting area, the walls are decorated with moisture-resistant and sound-absorbing Mexin panels. Their natural textures add a sense of harmony to the simple frame.

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