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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Shangri-La in the City

Designed by

ANN LIU / Abe Development Corp.






Team Members:

Shangri-La in the City

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

ANN LIU / Abe Development Corp.


Photo Credits:

Abe Development Corp. , 2023


Abe Development Corp. ,2023

This project is located next to the world-class architecture "Taipei 101" and the dream luxury residential area, truly integrating into the life circle of the city center. The project is located in a quiet alley in the city center, with a site area of about 386 square meters. It plans to build a 9-story elevator apartment with 2 basement floors, providing 30 and 50 square meter units, totaling 38 residential units. With the goal of making city center living affordable for young people, it allows people to have the privilege of living in the city center at a relatively lower total price.

The new design taking inspiration from the image of brightness and the forest goddess Artemis standing tall with a golden bow by the green river. Through classical and elegant columns, combined with white stone and golden grilles, the mythological goddess is incorporated into the architectural form.

In order to achieve this goal, the project has gone through strict geological improvements and incorporates green building standards. It features insulation and energy-saving exterior design. The building also provides accessibility facilities and a silver-certified rooftop garden, ensuring safety and environmental sustainability.
Our mission is to provide affordable green homes for young people while cherishing the land and greening the living environment. The project takes advantage of its proximity to the metropolis and the neighboring greenery, offering convenient living functions and a location close to the MRT. It aims to create earthquake-resistant homes in the prime location of the city center, making it easy for young people to have their precious residence in Taipei's downtown area.

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