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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Glory Ode

Designed by

MING HSIN WEI / Abe Development Corp.






Team Members:

Glory Ode

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

MING HSIN WEI / Abe Development Corp.

Photo Credits:

Abe Development Corp. , 2023


Abe Development Corp. , 2023

This project assists in the renovation of old buildings with excellent resource integration capabilities. It not only promotes earthquake-resistant housing built to the highest standards, but also has received green building certification. By maximizing the value of land and constructing environmentally friendly green buildings, it provides a resilient, safe, green, and aesthetically pleasing living environment.From the planning stage, integrating value engineering, construction quality, and market demand to bring the maximum added value to the building through professional practices. This project adopts the OILES seismic isolation system from Japan, enhancing the seismic resistance of the building to be several times higher than conventional seismic buildings.
The architectural appearance presents the image of a "tree" with geometric facades, integrating the concept of a family emblem into the building. Following the structural configuration of the isolating layers and standard floors, the exterior design combines stone with linear metal decorations to elevate the skyline and highlight the grandeur. At the same time, it bestows the building with a majestic and exquisite appearance.
The project is located in a residential area with well-developed living functions, featuring a rare location, proximity to the MRT, and seismic-resistant housing. It offers carefully designed units ranging from 50 to 66 square meters, with affordable prices, allowing young homebuyers to own a good home in the center of Taipei City.The overall design is inspired by a pragmatic approach to the site's environment, seeking a balanced solution. It focuses on consuming less Earth energy and resources, generating less waste, and incorporating ecological, energy-saving, and health features to create a safe, environmentally friendly, and high-value living environment. Upholding the concept of sustainable development in architectural design enhances urban functionality and improves the cityscape.

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