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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Oriental Lake Mansion

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Team Members:

Oriental Lake Mansion

Residential Architecture

Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China


Chen Hongbin, Zou Daoming, Gong Benzheng, Gao Ren, Zhou Zhaojun, Ye Lei

Photo Credits:

Schran Image, 2022


Schran Image, 2022

The design of the community was inspired by Eastern philosophy on the relationship between humans and nature. In terms of master planning, the placement of the garden was given priority over that of the residential buildings, with the latter being seamlessly integrated into the landscape. The layout features a large central courtyard and multiple yards that promote harmony between living spaces and nature.

The building facade prioritizes an integrated design approach and concise form, with a focus on creating a flat and modern appearance. By blending modern sequences with classic elements in a subtle and innovative manner, the design created an inclusive perceptible realm.

The building material selection responds to the urban fabric and applies frontier technology, conveying a fusion of modern technology and aesthetics. The main materials used are stone, aluminum plates, and blue-gray Low-E glass. The ground floor is made of stone while the second floor and above are made of aluminum plates. Warm tones have been used to reflect the preferences of Haining people for residential colors and insights on life. The overall design exudes the beauty of time and contemporary art, showcasing a warm and elegant taste.

The design for the condominium room type aims to offer a villa-like apartment experience, creating a dynamic and diverse environment that accommodates various brand-new lifestyles.

Taking the 218-square-meter and 270-square-meter room types as examples, each room offers an optimized and harmonious view of the surrounding landscape. The refined and precise functional design incorporated impressive elements such as spacious balconies with gorgeous views, an exclusive elevator on each floor, and an LDK layout that integrates the living room, dining room, and kitchen in an open space. The room design ensures a well-balanced division between dynamic and tranquil areas, perfectly catering to the aesthetic and functional requirements of contemporary living spaces.

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