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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Yakitori One

Designed by

Hung Chou Chen / Inspire Interior Design Co. , Ltd.






Team Members:

Yakitori One

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Hung Chou Chen / Inspire Interior Design Co. , Ltd.

Yuan Chiang Lu

Photo Credits:

Chao Yang Chen, 2023


Inspire Interior Design Co. , Ltd. , 2023

The design of the entrance features smooth curves, timber baffles, and a lifted kimono dress concept, inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and art. It aims to create a Zen style, showcasing craftsmanship and artistic elements. The overall design draws inspiration from nature, particularly "Wood" and "Water." The ground floor utilizes warm solid wood materials, paper-covered windows, and energetic red walls to evoke a sense of relaxation, sunlight filtering through a forest, and stimulate appetite and imagination. The yakitori bar stations are designed with an open layout for an interactive dining experience. The lower level focuses on creating a calm vibe through textured lighting that resembles floating water, with artistic arches and cozy booths. The restaurant emphasizes environmental sustainability, incorporating non-toxic materials and utilizing Taiwan stucco made from agricultural waste. It also prioritizes user experience and employs a modular design approach for construction efficiency. The final result is a serene and sophisticated dining area that harmonizes taste and aesthetics, providing a distinctive immersive experience.

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