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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category




Designed by

Chen Dejun,Lin Xin/PT Architecture Design(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Fuzhou, China

Chen Dejun,Lin Xin/PT Architecture Design(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.

Yang Chen, Liu Huimin, Liu Yue, Zhao Yuhui, Sheng Jiaxin, Wu Zhichao, Pei Yanhui, Liu Mingyang, Zhang Fan

Photo Credits:

PT Architecture Design(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.


PT Architecture Design(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.

The project is located in the core of the business district on the north bank of the Min River, only 0.5 kilometers away from the Min River in a straight line, located at the end point of the inverted U-shape city skyline, bridging the urban spatial pattern through the enclosing layout, the buildings are staggered in a staggered layout, and the buildings have an open view of the landscape.

The project is a product of ITC Real Estate's TOP series Tianqin, and at the same time, it is also the first batch of ecological residential pilot projects in Fuzhou. The design returns to the traditional concept of human habitation, takes "sky garden" as the soul of the design, integrates "garden" into the building, creates "the fourth-generation residence" vertical green courtyard, and the garden is staggered between households. The gardens are interlaced with each other, and the houses are wrapped by the greening system, which satisfies the urbanites' pursuit of poetic living.

The façade design is inspired by the water pattern of the Minjiang River, combined with the "piano key" vocabulary, and the horizontal lines are given fluidity by the integration of curves, reflecting the contemporary design language and craftsmanship in the best possible way. The building is wrapped in greenery, and the curved corner gardens are designed to eliminate the boundaries of the building and blend infinitely with nature. The staggered arrangement of sky gardens gives the façade a new look and highlights the international modern living style.

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