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SHANAN·Deep Stream

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Fununit Design & More






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SHANAN·Deep Stream

Hotels & Resorts Architecture


Fununit Design & More

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Fununit Design & More

01 Meet SHANAN
The story of "SHANAN" begins in the depths of the Bamboo Sea mountain forest in Shenwang Line, Hafuku Town, Angelshan, with a whole landscape of green and rolling mountains. Here the highest altitude, the vision is open, without any shelter, as if heaven and earth are integrated, green mountains such as Dai, mountains such as green, like a peaceful natural landscape picture. In front of this mountain, bamboo, water, fog, birdsong, air, bring an unprecedented feeling, the former old house old house, now the guests come from afar.

For such a project with unique geographical location, the expansion of the design work will be relatively difficult, and the overall pattern, breadth, depth, cost and various details should be controlled, from filling, restoration, pouring, stone planting, planting trees, water diversion from the mountain to interior design, landscape design and soft installation layout. SHANAN's manager has invested no less energy than anyone else in the past two years. Coupled with his support and trust in our design work, these warm emotions are also the most scarce and valuable factors in the project.

02 Deep in the mountains, wild luxury fusion
Three old houses scattered scattered in the old house is located on the hillside, one brick and concrete structure, two wooden rammed earth house, the old house around the climate is rich and diverse, wood and bamboo lush, a mountain scenery in the distance, which is the treasure in the whole design. I remember that when SHANAN's managers first invited us here, they told us about their business philosophy: mountains and water, trees and stones are integrated, and the concept of holiday life is vividly interpreted, and here, from the living environment to the surrounding outdoor sports, everywhere is full of close to nature, enjoy the atmosphere of love life.

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