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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category




Designed by

Guangzhou Deheng Qinxin Industry Operation Management Co.Ltd






Team Members:


Landscape Architecture


Guangzhou Deheng Qinxin Industry Operation Management Co.Ltd

L&A Design,Bo Li

Photo Credits:

Guangzhou Deheng Qinxin Industry Operation Management Co.Ltd


Guangzhou Deheng Qinxin Industry Operation Management Co.Ltd

As Camel's first real estate project in Guangzhou, this project is located in the core area of Baiertan CBD, which is one of Guangzhou's five world-class landmark business districts. The One is surrounded by a line of river views, with a double three-river convergence, and the core area of the Bay Area headquarters economy, leading the city in terms of scarcity of location value. Adhering to the brand spirit of freedom, resilience and innovation, this project will integrate the wisdom of international masters, and open a new chapter of high-quality lifestyle for the elites in the Greater Bay Area with its beautiful architectural appearance and ultimate craftsmanship.

THE ONE project has a total land area of 9,039 square meters, with a total construction area of about 75,000 square meters; and the landscape design area is about 10,282 square meters. The construction of the landscape part covers the landscape area of the first floor open-air plaza and the overhead layer of the building, which is about 5858 square meters, rooftop landscape area of the T1 tower, about 364 square meters, 1734 square meters of the second-floor balcony, and 941 square meters of the third-floor balcony.

THE ONE's landscape design aims to interpret and reproduce the memory of the place, the design team based on the Baietan part of the historical storyline replica landing to the site, the continuation of the beauty of the riverside in the past, the alternation of generations, everlasting, so that the history of the precipitation, to stay, the site is divided into five thematic zones: Meet - the night moon at E TAN, Enjoy - the windy restaurant, Enter - the realm of elegance, Follow - the flow of light and shadow, Into - the realm of feather rhyme.

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