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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category




Designed by

Max Wang / T.G.livable






Team Members:


Commercial & Office Architecture

Taichung City,Taiwan

Max Wang / T.G.livable

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Max Wang / T.G.livable

In the reception area on the ground floor, we have incorporated numerous innovative design techniques to allow homeowners to directly experience the emotions evoked by the space. From exterior to interior, one can feel our dedicated planning and unwavering commitment to quality.

At the entrance, a bold spatial recession is achieved by crafting inclined glass surfaces, extending into the interior and naturally forming a central axis.

The display wall serves as our spiritual emblem, with the raw texture of the stone representing our unpolished originality. It symbolizes the gradual accumulation of our expertise, culminating in the prominent display of our achievement trophies.

Above the meeting room, a large beam passes through, and to prevent the ceiling from feeling oppressive, we have designed curved formations, visually mitigating the prominence of the structural beam.

The designer expressed a particular fondness for the bar area, where during the day, material selections are made with the homeowner. In the evenings, it becomes a place for a quiet drink, allowing for the organization of thoughts after a day's work. Consequently, the overall design of the office space reflects the designer's individuality, embodying a desire to stand out from the ordinary.

Through professional design and creative applications, we are dedicated to creating a comfortable, personality-rich, and inspiring living space, enabling homeowners to fully showcase their unique style and taste.

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