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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Traveling Years

Designed by

Chen Hsu Interior Design






Team Members:

Traveling Years

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Chen Hsu Interior Design

Tse-Ming Wang, Catherine Lin

Photo Credits:

Chen Hsu Interior Design


Chen Hsu Interior Design

The site is a new apartment, and the project aims to create a relaxing, humanistic, and flexible space. The design team customized the space according to the perspective of a retiring woman, combining different levels of needs and interests. In the choice of materials, they combined natural elements while emphasizing texture and harmony to shape a warm and stylish hotel-like residence.
The design is centered on the warmth of humanity. Humanity is regarded as a quality of thought and behavioral experience, and the wood grain symbolizes the maturity and accumulation of thought and displays a variety of visual effects. Cool-toned stone is then subtly incorporated to balance the overly warm tones. The proportions and lines create a comfortable space that is sensual yet romantic. The walls are covered with a sandy coating that can reflect the sunlight, creating the effect of the flow of time and materializing the travel experience. In terms of lines, the design team avoided over-decorating to emphasize the detailed essence of the design, adhering to the principle that less is more. The space is like a journey to explore life in-depth, full of diverse emotions and extreme experiences.

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