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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Splendid View

Designed by

ZIZU ARKI Development&Construction Co.,Ltd.






Team Members:

Splendid View

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

ZIZU ARKI Development&Construction Co.,Ltd.

Ching-Yen Chou

Photo Credits:

ZIZU ARKI Development&Construction Co.,Ltd.


ZIZU ARKI Development&Construction Co.,Ltd.

The base is 975.2 square meters and is close to schools and parks. The project is planned for six villas with elevators. The architects believe that the building should go beyond the residential function, so that "eco-buildings" can be realized in daily life. Given this, the project has two cores. The first is a green design, with Subcostate Crape Myrtles planted in a four-meter retracted green corridor with a blessing meaning. In addition, the balcony of each villa is planned with greenery, so that the overall greening percentage reaches 40%. Every household can extend the elegance of the mountains and rivers and visualize the intellectual humanities in their lives. Secondly, to enhance the artistic value of the home to achieve quality of life and collectability at the same time. The architects used the natural stone Viscount White as the base to create a timeless landscape. Next, the wood grain kiln-fired bricks and grilles present the essence of Japanese contemporary architecture. The lightness of the glass and the greenery shape an aesthetic that is just right.

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