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Arch Design Award 


Interior Design Category



Awake wellness

Designed by

Chiun Ju Interior Design






Team Members:

Awake wellness

Sports Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Chiun Ju Interior Design

Chun-Chiao Wu, Duen-Kai Jeng

Photo Credits:

Chiun Ju Interior Design


Chiun Ju Interior Design

The site is in an old building. Located in a busy shopping district, it faced the challenge of attracting the attention of consumers. The first task is to stand out from the rows of stores. The project "Awake Wellness" is centered on the concept of being "woman-friendly and health-conscious". The design team materialized softness and emphasized comfort and a cozy atmosphere to create harmony. In the project, they avoided the use of hard elements and presented friendly symbols. To shape a soft image and echo the concept of sustainability, the design team chose natural materials and minimized the decoration.
The open training area is filled with vibrant natural light. The relaxed and elegant atmosphere makes the brand appealing to a diverse clientele, including women, seniors, and beginners. The concept of awakening wellness is integrated into the interior design while achieving the ultimate goal of elevating everyday life to a higher level of quality. The project takes the hustle and bustle of urban life out of the gym and allows people to experience the beauty of nature once again.

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