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Arch Design Award 


Architectural Design Category



Genuine Minzui

Designed by

Minzui Innovation co., ltd.






Team Members:

Genuine Minzui

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Minzui Innovation co., ltd.


Photo Credits:

Minzui Innovation co., ltd.


Minzui Innovation co., ltd.

The base is located in the New Taipei Industrial Park, surrounded by Gong Erqi Park and Xinghua Park. It is only 450 meters away from the MRT station and with a low population density and greenery, making it especially suitable for nuclear families.
The exterior of the buildings creates a unique living experience with a modern architectural style with strong horizontal visual effects, such as stable materials, asymmetrical yet harmonious volumes, and lighthouse-like roof plan interpret the character of the firm, which appears to be restrained but is actually warm and perfectly oriented. The project is a low-density residential development that concentrates its capacity on the right-hand side of the building, with storefronts on the north side. The change in height of the building's massing naturally guides the sound waves from the metro, and the ridge ornamentation echoes the shape of the two buildings. The exterior of the buildings is made of granite, aluminum grille, high-temperature kiln-fired tiles, etc., with a viaduct’s shape to create a smooth horizontal line. People can enjoy a 270-degree view of Guanyin Mountain and Datun Mountain from the partial glass in the parapet on the top floor.
The theme of this project is a modern minimalist style. Gray striped stone with dark and light stone-like high-temperature kiln-fired tiles emphasize the clean and refined lines. The cool color scheme is calm and classic, presenting an architecture that is different from that of the surrounding buildings in the area. In addition to the proximity of two parks, a backyard sitting deck provides outdoor space for residents to relax in the hustle and bustle of city life.

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