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Arch Design Award 





Mellow Tranquility

Designed by

CHEN WEN LUNG / Change Interior Design Ltd.






Team Members:

Mellow Tranquility

Residential Architecture

Linkou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

CHEN WEN LUNG / Change Interior Design Ltd.

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Change Interior Design Ltd.

Without complicated color schemes and overly decorative materials, the Japanese essence is portrayed only by warm wood tones and white color to create a relaxing and stress-free home. Trimmed with curved elements, a smooth and unobstructed visual line is constructed. The soft curves decorate the space and reduce the oppressive feeling of the beams and columns. The dynamic beauty of the space creates delicate spatial tension.
The wooden grille at the entrance is arranged in a curved shape. As comforting as an encompassing hug, the two sides of the grille give the homeowner a warm homecoming feeling. The canopy is built in a circular shape to symbolize the meaning of fullness and harmony. The straight lines of the wood grille extend downward to show the floor tiles. The combination of the rational arrangement and the sensual soft arc makes the simple entrance an ingenious space.
Gently stepping into the living room, the Japanese Zen style is the tone of the living room. Daylight, wood and white are used to build the stability of the place through the pure medium. Natural light is shimmering through the gauze curtain. The large area of white on the canopy and the wall is a perfect setting for the flawless and clean texture of the space. The dark brown TV cabinet sets the center of gravity for the TV wall, and the dead branches placed next to it convey the Zen atmosphere of meditation and tranquility in Japanese culture.
At the junction of traffic flows, the sharp angles are replaced by rounded curved surfaces to eliminate the sense of hardness, and the traffic flow are guided by the flowing body, which invariably blurs the distinction of the fields. The tranquil atmosphere is extended to the dining space, while the canopy spanning the beams continues the curved surface to break up the abruptness of the volume. The entrance of the kitchen uses a Yukimi-shoji screen, a traditional Japanese sliding door harmonize the mellow Japanese elegance.

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