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Arch Design Award 






Designed by

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

HSIN-CHIH, WU / Les Doux Concept

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Les Doux Concept, 2022

White natural light floods gently into the room through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Warm wood elements provide the residual heat of light and bring warmth to the home in the open layout. Instead of complicated color schemes and overly decorative materials, natural elements such as stone, wood, and plaster create a tranquil residence. Low-profile interior design serves as the background and presents an aesthetic that is casual and simple to keeps the attention on the human-oriented design spirit.
Upon returning home, the first thing you see is the stability established by wood and stone. The gray mirror increases the sense of space and opens up an unobstructed visual depth. Light at the end leads the way through the quiet corridor. The space is instantly lightened up by a huge amount of sunlight.
Dark brown wooden grille constructs the main TV wall. The rustic wood is shaped upward into a framed canopy, while the round edge at the corner adds a sense of fluidity. The integration of forms and materials brings a gentle tenderness to everywhere in the room.
The wall made of plaster is a background for paintings. The space continues to give off a calming and serene vibe by the texture that is hand-applied with a trowel. The gray color palette spreads to the dining space and the large area of gray instantly creates a more subdued atmosphere. A mild and unhurried dining environment is established. The semi-translucent screen is composed of reeded glass, which not only blocks the grease and smoke, but also retains the visibility through the glass.
The bathroom is made of gray stone to provide a quiet base, while the soft light sources warm up the cold stone. Different shades of gray are interwoven to create stability in the cave-like space, allowing the residents to fully release fatigue and enjoy a moment of solitude.

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