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Arch Design Award 






Designed by

Chen-An, Tang / FZU-VOGUE Interior Design






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Chen-An, Tang / FZU-VOGUE Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Jui Hung, Hsu


FZU-VOGUE Interior Design, 2022

The purity of the grayish-white color palette and the gentle tone of the hand-applied coats make the home a holiday retreat for the whole family. The residence is a high-glam escape from fast-paced city life. The clear landscape sequence slows down the sense of time passing to bring back the essence of quiet and pure life.
Upon opening the door, the black flooring, white shoe cabinet, and the gray plaster on the wall unveil the stable vibe to welcome family members home. A shallow platform is created in the middle part of the shoe cabinet as a display shelf. A screen vertically separates the entryway and the TV wall, while the beautiful trowel-applied texture and the lower counter extend to the main wall simultaneously to link the interaction between the fields and construct the complete framework of the scene. At the end of the wooden TV cabinet, a warm wood platform is pushed out to form a flexible seating area, which later turns into the first step of the staircase along the traffic flow. The spacious area is designed to avoid safety issues. Lights are buried inside to create a sense of suspension and adds instant warmth as well.
Instead of installing a wall behind the sofa, a white storage cabinet offers multiple functions. It has a hollow middle section that serves as a display area for the houseowner's collections. The final touch is a light glass cabinet, which adds a sense of flexibility to the monolithic mass.
A blank space is left between the dining room and the living room for the houseowner's daughter to play the cello. This space is located at the intersection of all the traffic flows to let lilting melodies spread to every corner.
The master bedroom has a sleeping area, dressing room and sitting room. Soft earth tones offer a stable foundation for deep, restful sleep. With less complex design, the headboard is designed with delicate lines and grayscale textures to reflect the clarity of the uncluttered space.

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