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Litus - fashion&funky hotel in Gdańsk

Designed by

Sikora Interiors






Team Members:

Litus - fashion&funky hotel in Gdańsk

Hotels & Resorts Architecture

Gdańsk, Poland

Sikora Interiors

Jan Sikora, Aleksandra Klińska, Dominik Tyburski, Maria Kurowska, Zuzanna Węzik

Photo Credits:

Tom Kurek


Sikora Interiors

The boutique hotel is located in a unique place on the map of Gdańsk, in the former Granary from the 16th century. The facility is unusual not only because of its location, but also its history. It has been preserved in an almost unchanged architectural form to this day. The original medieval wall runs through the axis of the building. The presence of authentic historical tissue strongly influences the unique character of the interior.
Designing such an object was a big challenge, ultimately the interior design includes 30 rooms, hotel corridors, and a lobby. Our strategy was not to recreate historical interiors, but to create them in a contemporary way, respecting the monument and its tradition. In this way, we wanted to create unique interiors that would not be detached from the history or location of the building.
The identity of the place was essential to us, hence the references to the sea or historical details, such as a Hanseatic fireplace or elements referring to raw brick. However, we combine them with bold colors and patterns, letting in a modern TWIST - a design that surprises but is consistent with the place and its history. Hence, the name of the concept: Heritage.
It is worth mentioning some interesting elements which can be found in the interiors: portraits of Gdańsk townspeople, tiles referring to medieval floors and golden details, which are contrasted with red solid accents, a steel mezzanine structure or a neon sign with the inscription "The Heart of Gdansk".
We wanted to offer future hotel guests not only high-level comfort, but also aesthetic experiences related to Gdańsk itself.

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