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Arch Design Award 





CHPE Chef Electrical Appliances Showroom

Designed by

Chen Haopeng (Shenzhen) Interior Design Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

CHPE Chef Electrical Appliances Showroom

Commercial & Office Architecture


Chen Haopeng (Shenzhen) Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Chen Haopeng

Photo Credits:

Yu Rongli,2022


Chen Haopeng (Shenzhen) Interior Design Co., Ltd.,2022

The project is located in the bustling district of Puning Avenue. We intend to create a minimalis space, applying architectural elements into the interior space, making it deep, introspective, and able to stand the test of time, to achieve resonance with technology and the future.

Choosing suitable colors and materials is a very important part of the design process. So we will be a combination of these, in a colour range by select a few main body color. With black paint steel plate, transparent concrete plate, plain color and other materials as its color expression, let the space reveal solemn, quiet character, not make public, not jump off, let people feel the space at the same time, pay more attention to the product information itself. What comes into view at the door is a Kitchen electric display island of China and the west, displaying the way of integrating kitchen electric appliances with a system, which can more intuitively reflect the effect of integrating electric appliances.

All electrical equipment is arranged around the exhibition space, and a kitchen appliance display island of Chinese and Western style is placed in the spacious space in the middle, which is matched with corresponding lighting to further enhance guests' impression of Gaggenau's unique and vivid experience process.

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