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Arch Design Award 





HI. LIGHT Power and Light

Designed by

Zhang Zhijun






Team Members:

HI. LIGHT Power and Light

Residential Architecture

Huizhou, China

Zhang Zhijun

Huang Jinwei, Zhong Licheng

Photo Credits:

Sunway, 2022


Zhang Zhijun, 2022

This case is an intelligent lighting exhibition hall. We are breaking the traditional pattern to regenerate light and power, using the normal mode of living to express the function and tonality of the space, simulating the expression of the space atmosphere that is emphasized in the finished products from the normal life of the living room, dining room and tea room, simulating the time change of natural ecological light and shadow, and guiding the light and dark from morning to evening and the cloudy and sunny days to the indoor naturalization of the light film, Through the simulation of natural stone and natural light, the natural and comfortable balance is achieved. The restrained material expression makes the space appear cleaner, and makes the experimenter feel quieter and more peaceful atmosphere. In the design, we have made the muscle display of part of the structure, so that the light is full of power, and the space is full of the structure to reflect the more orderly visual impact.

The light renders the architectural structure and makes the structural form and light rhythm of the exhibition hall clearer, fuller and more moving by constructing the beauty of structural metaphor. The diversified rendering of light color constructs the artistic attitude of different emotions.

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