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Arch Design Award 





Xi'an Newhope Time Valley

Designed by







Team Members:

Xi'an Newhope Time Valley

Commercial & Office Architecture

Xi'an, China


Wang Junming, Zhu Xiaoou, Dong Wei

Photo Credits:

Luo Wen + Peanut Studio, 2022


Dejoy International Architects, 2022

The Project is located in the high-tech zone, targeting a new generation of elites. In this project, DIA takes "urban vacation" as the core concept and sets a benchmark for the height that an ideal community can achieve: to create a shared public space for owners of all ages, to organically combine resort hotels and community life, to create A place full of art, quality and full of life temperature.

The design begins with the dialogue between architectural landscape and space. The open space pattern accommodates the avant-garde and novel modern temperament as the opening remarks for returning home. Rational lines are used to delineate emotional functional areas, starting from the 1st floor to the basement clubhouse, outlining the desire of the heart, allowing the owner to gradually transition from a work and public state to a leisure and private state.

The clubhouse on the basement floor contains relaxing and pleasant spaces for swimming, fitness, entertainment, leisure, and parent-child activities. Taking the horizontal axis as the boundary, half is the fitness area, and the other half is the parent-child entertainment area. Under the series of circular moving lines, the two areas are both interrelated and relatively separated from static and dynamic, taking care of the sense of ritual required by adults and the necessary entertainment for children.

Everyone's life experience is unique and irreplaceable, and the group memory of each family is also worth remembering, especially after this unusual spring this year, it makes people feel that family love is precious. The community club we designed this time emphasizes that "travel does not need to travel far, returning home is a vacation", carrying the needs of a person to a family from the material to the spiritual and emotional span, hoping that it can become an emotional shelter for the owners.

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