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Arch Design Award 





A Flowing Diamond in the Rough

Designed by

Sandy Weng






Team Members:

A Flowing Diamond in the Rough

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Sandy Weng

Photo Credits:

Blake Wang, 2022


Sandy Weng, 2022

In this project, the designer uses marble with unique patterns as the primary spatial focus. With warm wood and special gray lacquer, two design elements complement each other and pile up to create a sense of layering. Marble walls and tables with golden patterns are used, and some metal objects are used as embellishments to create a restrained luxury texture through the refinement of details. Upon entering the open living and dining room, indirect lighting is installed on the ceiling, creating a soft and comfortable vibe. The similar color scheme combined with the change of material texture generates an entirely different sensory experience. The designer resourcefully interlaces gray floor tiles with gray-lacquered walls, gray-brown-wood-grained walls, etc., to add three-dimensionality and diversity. The color temperature demonstrated by the wood transferred into the residence so that the entire space is coated with warmness and calmness, which washed away the coldness produced by the stone. The addition of streamlined lighting above the dining table outlines a modern and minimalist luxury. The selection of silver, metal and other tableware items level up the exquisite style. Along the gray wall, one will see a scene of marble with a black and gold pattern. The fluid pattern of the marble offers the corridor a sense of dynamic and makes every corner of the residence demonstrate a delicate sense of off-key luxury. Next, it leads to the master bedroom set in a light color scheme, with a touch of black tones and metallic textures, creating a noble and elegant feeling. The metal frame combined with reeded glass is used as the partition door to separate the bedroom and the bathroom. By softening the boundary of space through visual penetration, the previous narrow layout has become brighter and more spacious. In the bathroom, with a gray and white color scheme and brown wood, simple and stylish space is created through the designer’s sharp and neat layout planning.

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