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Arch Design Award 





The Enjoyment of the Tranquility

Designed by

Chiang Ya Hsuan






Team Members:

The Enjoyment of the Tranquility

Residential Architecture

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Chiang Ya Hsuan

Photo Credits:

Liu Chan Wei, 2022


Chiang Ya Hsuan, 2022

A properly planned house creates a comfortable living space, which relaxes the occupant’s exhausting body and soul. For this interior design project, the designer sets the overall color scheme as gray, white, and black, with some blue tones and wood accents. Furthermore, the texture of objects and the proportion of color allocation create a distinctive style between the shared and private living areas. Heading to the basement, one will notice the gray and white tones are planned as the base color scheme, with warm wood and green plants to deliver a fresh and elegant atmosphere. The space tonality is well-executed through a few black object lines accompanied by blue and gold aluminum grilles. The designer also installs downlights on the grilled ceiling, allowing the projected light and shadow to get interlaced and convey a sense of rhythm. Upstairs, the curved design is applied to the ceiling and wall junction so that the indirect lighting softly extends out, softening the coldness and seriousness of the interior space. The wall behind the sofa harmonizes with the gray TV wall, creating a sense of hierarchy through material transformation. The sectional sofa in dark gray and blue is selected to set the tone of the space, generating a sense of elegance and calmness. On the other hand, the TV wall is made of marble and incorporated with wooden storage cabinets, showing the gentle and low-key luxurious vibe. To the side, a small icicle glass screen is outlined with bronze metal lines to delineate the area. Towards the dining room, a dark brown wooden table with gray chairs and plants are placed on the tabletop to blend a quiet and elegant style. The rose gold chandelier hangs above the dining table, revealing a touch of restrained sophistication.

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