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Arch Design Award 





Lakeside Villa

Designed by

Wei Chiang Liao






Team Members:

Lakeside Villa

Hotels & Resorts Architecture

Tainan, Taiwan

Wei Chiang Liao

Photo Credits:

Wei Chiang Liao, 2022


Wei Chiang Liao, 2022

Adjoining a lake, the house surrounded by the natural environment signifies an appeased lifestyle, of which the house owner’s childhood experience inspired the design plan that was based on the theme of a magnificent “life,”. An exceptional architecture should be built on the basis of people and life, which is incubated by the architecture and space.The house decoration focusing on the family gatherings concerns particularly about the functions for affairs. The house owner, who returned hometown in his middle age, demanded a comfortable and joyful living environment for friends and parents. Considering on the basis of the house owner’s childhood memories, the designer initiated the design plan that people live with nature. The sleek architectural exterior, in a big L structure, is decorated with stylish hole, through which the sunlight filtering is full of charms. The subtle skill obscuring the boundaries among spaces with the large glass window artistically simulate the natural landscapes in the house. The house traffic flow advocates the “island hopping” lifestyle. Figuratively featuring a bridge over lake that connected to an artificial island, under which furnished with a wine cellar. Overlooking the house, people will see a L-style architectural appearance that cordially blends into the surrounding natural environment.

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