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Arch Design Award 





Modern Art

Designed by

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd.






Team Members:

Modern Art

Commercial & Office Architecture

Beijing, China

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd., 2022


Beijing YBY Arts Design Co. , Ltd., 2022

"1024" is the tenth power of 2, which not only represents the program code but also symbolizes the power of technology and advanced productivity. The design team introduced this context into the space, echoing the unique chrematistic of the surrounding software park. The project is a sales center, and through the thorough study of the target group of the sales project, the design team combines modern art aesthetics with the 1024 program code as the theme structure to present in the form of a modern mainstream coffee community. It turns out to be a comfortable and commercial space. The space is mainly dominated by stone and bronze perforated panels, with indirect lighting and recessed lights to create a simple and streamlined visual experience. Besides, the rich history of coffee and the future technology are combined to disclose uniqueness and recreation. The contemporary artworks displayed in the bar allow visitors to explore the spiritual and intellectual aspects and imagine a better life in the future. Towards the water bar, a curved ceiling is used as a visual extension, with an indirectly illuminated dome in the center to show exclusiveness. A bionic robot is introduced as a barista to brew and mix aromatic coffee drinks for each visitor, providing a preview of the amazingness of future technology. Moreover, a wall-mounted bean storage tank is installed on the side wall to store coffee beans, effectively preserving the coffee flavor and serving as a wall decoration. In the other meeting area, bronze perforated panels, brown-orange sofas, and dark brown chairs continue to express a sense of calmness and refinedness. The painting "Mona Lisa with a Mask" is placed as a thought-provoking piece of art, considering the current global pandemic.

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