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Arch Design Award 





Where Hearts Belong

Designed by

Wen Chun Wu






Team Members:

Where Hearts Belong

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taichung, Taiwan

Wen Chun Wu

Photo Credits:

Treasure Interior Design Co., 2022


Treasure Interior Design Co., 2022

This project is a plan for the designer's new company, with the main concept of blending the old with the new. As the company has grown and expanded, it has moved several times until it has found a place where it settles down. Through the designer’s ingenuity, the old items that have been there since the company’s beginning, such as the furniture, lamps, doors, appliances, cabinets, etc., can be reconfigured and reused. By continuing the use of the old items, the designer has demonstrated the sheer motivation of entrepreneurship. The exterior of the building is in an all-black color scheme, combined with glass curtains, presenting a stylish and inner architectural look. On the other hand, the interior space is dominated by black and white with blue accents to enliven the impression of the space. The black and white granite is used as the base for the interior, which is durable and easy to maintain and has a unique fluid-like texture that adds a sense of dynamism and artistic beauty. Towards the open meeting room, dark colors and stone textures are planned to create a stable and professional working space. In-line bulb chandeliers are chosen to hang above the conference table, revealing the industrial style. Also, the seating area to the side of the staircase is arranged with tables, chairs, and bubble-shaped lamps along with silver sculptures and blue paintings, creating a space rich in art. The design of the wall surface was dismantled and painted white through the ingenuity of the design team, preserving its roughness and rusticity to show the industrial style. The blue color is planned as the color of the piping, and the ceiling is shaped like a circuit board, symbolizing the designers' unpredictable and resourceful design concepts. On top of that, the image of orderly linking function and demand also contains the expectation that the design inspiration can be continued.

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